bioWho is Kara?

Kara Burt, is a licensed master esthetician. Kara’s Beauty Barn has been a dream of hers since starting working as an esthetician over 7 years ago, let alone her childhood dreams of hair, nails, and make-up that were a constant in Kara’s life. Along with being the owner and esthetician for Kara’s Beauty Barn, she works as a medical esthetician & laser technician at Little Mountain Laser, LLC. Her sister, Lyn, is the physician at that facility.

Kara holds a Master’s degree and is an experienced educator. She entered medical esthetics to procedurally help people get healthy, clear skin and learn how to keep it that way. She fell in love with waxing along the way. Her eye for detail and desire to see result will ensure happy clients. She performs multiples types of treatments at both locations of business, microdermabrasion, and assists Dr. Emery in larger procedures. Kara has a busy life “country living.” She has 4 daughters that all keep her on her toes!

Gratitiude Moment

A HUGE thank you goes to Clinton Burt for designing and creating the metamorphosis of our chicken coop into Kara’s Beauty Barn. “Everyday a little blood went into the Beauty Barn.” I can’t thank you enough for helping my dream become our reality. I love you.

A smile of pleasure for every time one of my girls said, “mama I am so excited for you.”, or “mama, “I am soooo proud of you.” I hope that one day you will be fortunate enough to do what you love and know that is helping others along the way. I believe in you.

Heather of HD Creative – your skills blow my mind. Not only are you an amazingly talented artist/graphic designer, you are the most caring, loyal, friend that a girl could ever ask for.

Friends and family, thank you for helping me realize that I can do this!
Cheers! I’ll see you soon!