This weekend was pretty awesome.  It felt balanced.  As a mom, business owner, employee, wife, constant home improver that is not always an easy accomplishment.  I worked half days both Saturday and Sunday and hosted 2 sets of ladies – moms away from the hecticness of life, taking time for themselves.  So awesome to be able to be a part of that!  I did a little bit of trim painting in the house, and we went on a food adventure to Seattle.  Went to bed last night perfectly exhausted.  The sweeping and mopping and toilet bowl cleaning will still be there to do this evening.  Balance is beautiful!  Cheers Monday.

Remember that song?  Signs, Signs, Everywhere Signs.  Do this.  Don’t do that.  Can’t you read the sign?  That’s my life but with eyebrows right now.  I am in full immersion of eyebrow microblading.  The artistic aspect of this procedure is so awesome.  Fulfilling a bucket of mine that has been a bit lacking for a while.  Feels good.  I have my brow certification exam on March 9th and I can hardly wait.  I have all of my supplies.  Practice skin.  Golden ratio (more about this later – AMAZING).  Symmetry.  Asymmetry.  Hundreds of hours of practice.  Brows are a beautiful thing.  With so many people in our lives dealing with cancer and the hair loss that can bring – I so look forward to being able to help people that are dealing with the lack of brows.  Cancer (chemo) isn’t the only illness that can make you lose your brows.  Hypothyroidism, atopic dermatitis, alopecia, Hansen’s Disease, even poor nutrition.  My passion is to help people feel their beauty.  Adding this service can be a life changer for people and I am honored to be of service!

microblading pic

I don’t have all the bells and whistles figured out yet, but I am up and running on Mindbody.  If you want to log in and het yourself all situated on there – be my guest.  In fact – I had 2 brand new people schedule on line just this afternoon since I launched.  So exciting.  I am hoping that this system will be easy for you and for me.  It can keep track of products, scheduling reminders, send you promotions, help me keep organized, all in one system.  I appreciate your patience as I learn the system.  My “teacher-ness” feels a little stressed to not have my plan book in my bag, but it is really nice to be able to see my schedule on my phone or computer.  Anywho…… get yourself in the system.  You can even pay ahead of time if you want.  Waaaaa Who!!!!