January 28th.  More details to come.  Send me a message.  Already filling fast.

I sealed the deal today.  I am starting the process of becoming a microneedler. I am so excited to expand one of my favorite components of my biz.  BROWS! Kind of fun to freak the girls out after school and tell them – well today mama became a tattoo artist. Yes – it really is that easy. A little bit terrifying if you ask me. Anywho. I assure you, I take permanent cosmetics seriously, very seriously and I will practice practice practice until I am ready to bring this to the barn.

A few months ago I was at a friend’s house where I was talking about the barn expansion goals for 2017.  Putting it out there to the universe.  Intentions set.  Last week Clint (my husband) received a text from one of the people at my friend’s house.  Not someone we know well.  He was looking at his phone with a very strange look on his face.  I said – “what’s going on?”  With a big smile he says, I’m going to go pick up your bathroom this weekend.  HUH?  This friend of a friend had remembered us talking about the bathroom goals  and said we have a 10×13 room that we are no longer in need of in our house.  He didn’t want to deal with Craigslist – if we could get it that week – it’s ours.  Yee ha!  So pardon the pile in the driveway – but baby the wall have arrived!!!!!!

This morning bright and early, a client came in and looked a little more down than her usual self. Something about the beauty barn allows people the opportunity to spill it. Get it out!  Because we all know… What happens in the beauty barn stays in the beauty barn. She shared that her husband’s mother had passed away recently after a long battle of cancer, and to be honest they both had been drinking too much ever since.  A little too much escaping. After tears and hugs and that all too sudden smack of reality, it was time to get to waxing.  Her head pounding, my head eager to get that pubic hair gone. With one pull of the wax strip, she broke the quiet with an OH MY GOD! I pressed the skin, sheepishly applied more wax and said, “Have you forgot about your hangover?” Ha! We laughed and laughed. The sweet release of laughter. Then it started… the marketing slogans. “Kara’s Beauty Barn – where you go to forget you hangovers”.  “Kara’s Beauty Barn – where you go to get your hair ripped out and forget about your problems”. Oh the possibilities. Funny moment in the midst of a tough time for her. Thankful for some laughter.