Wondering what all those skincare words mean? An easy reference to help you determine what services are right for you & your skin!

When should I get waxed?

Try to schedule your first waxing at a time when you feel rested and relaxed. This helps make your experience a wonderful one—after all, you are doing this for yourself! I want your experience to be positive and I will do everything we can to make you comfortable. Caffeine, nicotine, and lack of sleep can make you feel overly sensitive during your treatment, so it may be best to steer clear of these before your appointment.

Kara, will you help me…?

Yes. I would love to help. Bring in your make-up from home and ask what techniques you can do. Tips/tricks. Choose the best skin care home plan for you.

What if I need to get more product from Kara’s Beauty Barn – how do I get it?

When you email to make an appointment – in the services options there is a 15 minute pick up product appointment. If you need longer than that to browse anything new or have a consultation about skin needs – just request more time in the comment box.

Isn’t it weird to come to the Beaut y Barn as a group?

Nope.  The Barn is arranged so that there are areas of privacy and areas for gathering.  So don’t worry if you’re shy – we have you covered.  We will work with your group to ensure it’s a great experience for all.   The Barn has seen from 1-approx 15 people depending on the setting.

My skin care products don’t seem to be doing the trick any more:

Skin changes. It changes with age. It changes with seasons. It changes with stress levels. There are VERY few people that can get away with using the same products all year long. Skin care should be something that is flexible with what your skin needs. I will help you determine what products will be best for those needs.

Is it okay to come to the Beauty Barn in a group?

Of course! There is plenty of room in the Beauty Barn to come with a friend/friends. You can still have privacy if desired. Your decision. It’s fun to get beautified together. Group sessions of waxing or group facials will be given a discount. Organize a group and shoot me an e-mail and we will set it up. Birthday. Bachelorette. Visitors in town. Husband and wife wax time. Wild browed teenage sons. Want to say thank you to your work staff. I have lots of people that come in groups!

Is there anyone you cannot wax?

Yes, this is very important, I CANNOT WAX the following clients…
• over protruding or varicose veins
• over open wounds
• on herpes simplex
• on areas injected with Botox within the past 72 hrs
• on skin undergoing skin grafts or dermabrasion or recently treated with AHA’s/glycolic acids 8% or higher
• on recently chemical peeled or invasively exfoliated skin (should wait 4 weeks before waxing)
• those who are currently using Accutane
• those who use either Adapalene or Renova or Retin A (must be off the drugs for 3 months before waxing)
• those who use Tetracycline or other acne medications – doctor permission prior to treatment

You are ready!! Please remember that the first time is the most uncomfortable and then it gets easier.

Can I get waxed after I have a facial?

Waxing of the face works really well after facial. The skin is very supple and you will be so relaxed it won’t matter that I’m ripping your hair out. I will finish off with SPF and foundation if you request so you can still see the glow of your skin after your facial. Or don’t worry about it – let your skin breathe for a bit.

How often should I get facials?

How often you should get a facial depends on several factors… your skin type, skin condition, skin care goals, your budget, age, even where you live. On average, getting a professional facial once a month is ideal for someone who wants to take good care of their skin. That’s because the skin is a living organ, and it takes about 30 days for the cells to move up from the dermis to the surface, or epidermis, where they flatten out, die and slough off. A professional facial stimulates that exfoliation process, keeping the skin more toned and youthful-looking. Try to have a facial at least once a month. Remember we only have have one heart, one soul and once face. Take care of your skin and help slow down the aging process. I will help you along with you goal.

I am feeling embarrassed! Is this normal?

Don’t be embarrassed! While it may seem out of the ordinary for you, this is what I do on a daily basis. I am here to make you comfortable and keep you looking fabulous!

How long should I wait before I get waxed?

Hair should be at least 1/4 inch long, but preferably ½ inch (about the length of a short grain of rice). This is typically about 2 to 3 weeks of growth. If you are going to trim your hair, take care not to trim it too short. Ideally, we would prefer that you not trim at all and let us take care of that for you. You may accidentally cut yourself or you may trim too short.

Can I be waxed if I am having my period??

Yes, you can get waxed during your menstrual cycle; just wear a tampon. However, keep in mind that you are likely to be a bit more sensitive during this time. If you schedule a waxing around your period, you may find it to hurt a bit less. Please just give me the heads up so that I can be sure to avoid the tampon string.

What should I do after being waxed to soothe my skin?

Avoid heat for 24 hours including: hot baths, sauna, steam baths, and exposure to strong UV lights or sun tanning treatments. Do not sun tan for 48 hrs. Do not apply highly fragranced products to waxed areas including: perfume/cologne, scented body lotions, antiperspirant, cosmetics or feminine hygiene sprays. Avoid applying high SPF sun blocks to the waxed area for 24 hrs. as sunscreen chemicals can be irritating to the newly waxed skin (this includes self-tanning products and tan accelerators). Do not use harsh body scrubs/products. Some ingredients that help boost healing: aloe vera gel, tea tree oil, red raspberry and azulene.

How should I avoid ingrown hairs?

I recommend daily use of exfoliating gloves and/or an exfoliating sheet. This is part of maintaining a nicely groomed bikini. Do not pick or try to remove your own ingrown hairs! On your next visit we will get them out for you. Please do not pick and create scabs. If you pick to the point you are bleeding and create a scab you will push the hair further down and cause more irritation.

Can I get waxed after I get a tan?

Shouldn’t! Do not tan the area to be waxed right before waxing! If you have just tanned the wax may cause an abrasion on the area and it will be painful post waxing. Ouch! So, it’s best to wait before you tan. I do not recommend tanning or sunbathing after a wax either.

What should I do before a brow wax?

• Tweezing should not be done for at least 2 weeks before your appointment.
• Let them grow in so that I can give you the beautiful shape that best suits you- and I get the full picture of what your hair growth is. Best way to get hairs cycling together to minimize in between growth.
• If you must, only tweeze between the brows (in the center only).