Shirodhara & 60 minute Swedish massage, sauna and beverage of choice

We are pairing the ultimate in pampering to calm those nerves before all the fuss and buzz begins. Our Peace & Tranquility Special is a Shirodhara hot oil massage and hair treatment paired with a 60 minute massage & use of our beautiful dry sauna – if you desire. Who doesn’t need over 2.5 hours of easing your mind and body? Shirodhara is a profoundly relaxing Ayurvedic treatment that releases warm soothing oil onto the middle of your forehead from a copper vessel. The oil flows through your hair carrying stress away from your nervous system. This is many of my clients’ favorite treatment at the barn. Following the Shirodhara is facial and upper body massage and a small facial at the end of the time to remove the oils and exfoliate. Pair this with a 60 minute Swedish massage that is certain to leave you peaceful and full of tranquility. Feel free to enjoy our beautiful dry sauna before or after your services as part of this special as well.