Permanent Cosmetics

Collagen Induction Therapy/Dermal Needling

$300 per session

Do you love your monthly facials but feel like you need a bit more? Not ready for injections?
Use your bodies own healing process to send a rush of collagen to the surface of the skin.

A great alternative to Botox and fillers. Full face/neck. Also helps scars, burns & stretch marks.

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Scalp Dermal Needling Treatment

$250 per treatment / $1000 for 5 treatment series

Beauty Mark


Makes me giggle – but I can give you a freckle – baby!

Tattoo Removal and Correction

$250 per session

This procedure is a saladermabrasion method. It may require up to 6-12 treatments depending on how big the tattoo is and how deep. Many will only require a few procedures. This procedure is fast and easy to do. Come get rid of those unwanted tattoos. This is not just for the face but also body tattoos!

Microstroke (microblading) Brows


Microblading is a form of tattooing color into the skin by a stroking technique with needles. This allows for the brow strokes to look amazingly like hair.

Powdered Brow


In this method you use one color to fill in the brows completely.

Powdered Brow with Hairstrokes


Start with an all over powdered brow. Follow up one month later with hairstroke (microblading) on top. Beautiful effect.

Full Colored Lips and Liner


This procedure will line your lips than fully fill them in with color, as if you have your full lipstick on. Say Goodbye to bleeding and smeared lipstick it will only stay where you want it now supposed to!



Always wake up to Eyeliner perfectly on your eyes! No smearing, no sweating it off, and no having to use steady hands each morning to put it on.

Lash Enhancement


Do you have light lashes? Do you not have much hair left in them? This is for you! It will enhance your eyes and make your lashes look fuller.

3-D Areola Pigmentation/Restoration


This is a 3-D Areola Pigmentation/Restoration. This is for any women who has suffered through cancer or any other surgeries and unfortunately lost their nipples in the process, or now have misshapen areola from the process. Most insurance companies cover this procedure with a referral from your doctor!