Body Treatments

Shirodhara – The Third Eye Therapy
60 minutes / $120

Includes head, face, and neck therapy with warm, herbal oil

Shirodhara is the most popular therapy in Ayurveda. The third eye is in the middle of your forehead. It is the central point of your nervous system. A steady flow of warm oil is dripped through a beautiful vintage copper apparatus onto your forehead, running through your hair and is one of the most divinely relaxing experiences ever. Besides being amazingly relaxing, it is a hot oil treatment for your hair. “Shiro” means head, and “dhara” is the continuous flow of liquid.

Plan to do this treatment when you can leave the oil in your hair, and sleep on a towel or at least leave it in for a couple hours before showering. It’s amazing for your hair and scalp.

KBB Signature Body Glow Scrub
45 minutes / $75

KBB’s own salt scrub. Custom made with Epsom salt, oat and essential oils. Invigorating treatment to get your skin glowing again. Wonderful for circulation and skin turnover.

Body Glow Scrub + Spray Tan
xx minutes / $99

Let us maximize the life of your spray tan with this signature treatment.

CBD Body Polish & Cold Stone Therapy
45 minutes / $85

Enjoy this exfoliating dry brush service, intended to remove dead skin layers and impurities followed by moisturizing/healing CBD cream. Cold stones used in acupressure spots around your body to continue circulation. This service will leave you satin-smooth and feeling so relaxed while stimulating circulation throughout the service.

What To Expect

Please wait to be greeted before going in to the one of the buildings when you arrive. The Beauty Barn is a studio space. Privacy is of great importance to the Beauty Barn team. You are welcome to wait in the courtyard behind the yellow building or in your vehicle. Please fill out any accompanying forms that go with your service selected so you have that done ahead of time if possible.

We will have a discussion about your goals, what areas you’d like to see improvement, and then we will give you a moment to get comfortable (robe, undressed, clothes on), whatever you choose – depending on your service.

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