Advanced Skin Care Treatments

Chemical Peels
Starting at $100

Customized Peel for your skin needs. Different peels for Pigmentation Lightening, Anti-Aging, Acne, & Hydration.

Microneedling/Collagen Induction Therapy
Starting at $300

What conditions does microneedling treat? • Fine lines and wrinkles • Mild to moderate acne scarring • Surgical scarring • Stretch marks • Pore size and skin texture Over all an amazing alternative or addition to injections.

Peel Series
$75 per peel

Commit to 6 peels. 3 peels 2 weeks apart. Then 3 peels every 4 weeks. Also you must purchase Lira’s Pro Lite Serum and use for 2 weeks daily before your first peel treatment. You have a longer first session to set goals, assess skin, schedule and do first peel. You will be seen every 2 weeks for the next 2 peels that are approx. 45 minute appointments and then the following 3 peels will be every 4 weeks.

Frequently Paired Services
MicroneedlingMicrobladingInjectionsLip Blushing

What To Expect

If weather allows please come back to the courtyard behind the yellow barn OR you are welcome to come into the yellow building. There may be a non-private service happening – it is a communal space. Please fill out any accompanying forms that go with your service selected so you have that done ahead of time if possible.

We will have a discussion about your goals, what areas you’d like to see improvement, and then we will give you a moment to get comfortable (robe, undressed, clothes on), whatever you choose – depending on your service.

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