Airbrush Tanning

Airbrush Tanning
$35 for One Spray Tan

One spray tan will last between 8 to 12 days. We give all clients tips to make their tans last as long as possible.

Body Glow + Spray Tan

Let us maximize the life of your spray tan with this invigorating signature treatment. Thorough body scrub and relaxation with spray tan to follow.

Frequently Paired Services
KBB Signature Body Glow ScrubLash Lift + TintClearing Facial • Dermaplaning


You should prepare your skin for your session prior to your arrival. Skin should be free of deodorant, sweat, fragrances, lotions, and it should be clean, dry, exfoliated (removal of dead, dry skin cells) and shaved. Remove all make-up and do not wear jewelry of any kind. If you attend an airbrush tanning session without proper preparation we cannot guarantee lasting or satisfactory results.

The bronzing and tanning solutions used during your session have the potential to slain clothing. We recommend that you wear something dark in color that can be stained without concern, such as an old swimsuit or undergarment. Some clients purchase an inexpensive swimsuit dedicated to their tanning sessions. For your convenience, disposable bikinis which create minimal tan lines are available for purchase at the studio

After your tanning session, you should wear dark, loose fitting clothes. It is also possible that the solutions may transfer to other clothing, furniture or car seats after your session. Washing or drycleaning will usually, but not always, remove the color. We suggest bringing a towel to cover your car seat.


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