owner / permanent cosmetic artist / master esthetician

Kara Burt, is a licensed master esthetician and permanent cosmetic artist. Kara’s Beauty Barn has been a dream of hers since starting working as an esthetician over 10 years ago, let alone her childhood dreams of hair, nails, and make-up that were a constant in Kara’s life. She entered medical esthetics to procedurally help people get healthy, clear skin and learn how to keep it that way. She fell in love with waxing along the way. Having been a primary school teacher, she can often be heard laughing or giving a client her ``teacher voice`` when getting passionate about skin care. Her eye for detail and desire to see result drew her to the world of permanent cosmetics. Kara has a busy life “country living.” She has 4 daughters that all keep her on her toes and her Clinton is our ``maintenance man and chef and builder`` and the list goes on and on. We can't wait to have you at the Barn - you belong here!

master esthetician

I love learning about different ways to improve the skins health and well-being of my clients. Healing a person as a whole is my life path. I spend my free time with my family exploring new things and places to go. I’m a National Park geek and waterfall chaser. I enjoy reading books about spirituality, holistic wellness, and psychology.

My fascination with skin care started pretty early. I worked in geriatric nursing for several years. One of the things I was passionate about was the health of my patient’s skin and healing it. Wound care became the only thing I wanted to focus on. I also grew up with cystic acne spending my teens and adulthood with painful and inflamed blemishes, scarring my face. I spent so many years covering up with makeup and hiding my face.

Becoming an esthetician was a rewarding career path for me to take care of myself and others. I have helped and healed hundreds of clients with all types of skin conditions. I am so excited for this opportunity at KBB!


Laho grew up in Skagit Valley and her passion is to help her clients feel more confident and enhance their uniqueness. She understands that everyone has different beauty goals and customizes treatments to each client. From skin care, to Botox and laser treatments, she can take care of all your rejuvenation needs. Laho enjoys trainings and continuing education to provide the most up to date treatments. She is a wife and mom of two kids. On her days off, she loves to spend time at home with her family and enjoys a good inspirational book.


I invite you to experience a luxurious personalized treatment, using only the most effective products. With over 25 years experience in the skincare industry, I am fortunate to have been trained with leading experts in the industry in Los Angeles. Then had my own successful practice. It's been a dream of mine to live in Bellingham, Dreams come true! My husband and I are loving calling Whatcom County home. I bring a unique scientific and holisitc approach to my practice. Customized facials, peels, microdermabrasion and waxing. Each visit I desgin the perfect skincare plan just for you. Leaving you relaxed with a radiant glow inside and out. When I'm not making clients beautiful, you can find me kissing my dog, hiking wonderful trails, gardening, in or on water, travelling, and writing music. I look forward to meeting you!


Since a young age I've always been motivated to learn more and more about beauty/skincare. It all started in middle school when I found a passion for makeup and started practicing on myself. My mother and sister were always so impressed, they started asking me to do their makeup for special events. I realized it was something I enjoyed and could see myself doing all the time.

Around this same time I started developing pretty severe acne. On top of that, I have had eczema since I was a child. I used to be embarrassed of my skin. I spent so much time and money trying product after product, seeing doctors and spending hours on youtube just trying to find the one thing that would make it all magically disappear. I did this for years, pretty much all through high school. It wasn’t until I started to find balance in my life and the decision to go to esthetics school when I realized the key to healthy/normal skin was fairly simple. Now it is my goal to share everything I’ve learned to help everyone love their skin.